When summer comes around a lot of trucks and tractors are moved out of our Pioneer building  making a large area to set up a display. This year is Chilliwack Plowing Society.   We have  welcomed other smaller groups to display with us and participate in our shows.   The new floor Thanks to Canada 150 Enables us a clean area that can be used for a very large display or smaller multiple one’s.  we are in the process of looking for a display for next year.  Available from the beginning of June to the end of August.

Chilliwack Plowing Society

The first plowing match was held in 1873 on the Jonathan Reece’s farm in Chilliwack on Wellington Avenue.  The Chilliwack Plowing Society started in 1923 also called Valley plowing Match and District Plowing Match.

1919 International Titan

1919 International Titan and 1917 plow used in the plowing match past five years owned by Ray Ramey.  The tractor was originally bought in Heighth Alberta by Bill Bedier and driven to Cecil Lake BC in 1930. It pulled an threshing machine and was followed by a horse and wagon that would have carried the water and fuel for it. It would have been approximately a 200 km trek.  They had it on their homestead up until 1975.

Massey 30 and  Tom Hickman’s #26 Tractor   plow donated by the Hickman family.  Over the years between 1954 and 1967 this plow completed in plowing competitions in New Zealand, Holland, Ireland and through out Canada. As may be seen by the different colors of the plow, it was modified to enhance it’s performance, replacing the original hitch and the plow shares along with extending the operators control handles.

Chilliwack plowing Society display boards and two of the  members.

Chilliwackplowing match

Rosedale Parade

The Chilliwack Plowing society collaborated with the Rosedale Parade By driving some of their tractors  through the parade then having a plowing match afterwards.

Tractor and plow operated by Ray Ramey  Tied for  first place

Chilliwack Plowing match 2018

horse team with Mount Cheam in the back ground

Chilliwack  Riding Club

 Heritage  Chilliwack   Society

‘Heritage stands the test of time’

Spinners and Weavers

Chilliwack Railway club

With the collaboration of other groups it help’s promote their clubs and assist us with our own club.

Chilliwack Foundation

Grandma’s Grill had an upgrade, new roof thanks to The Chilliwack Foundation and we had the ventilation upgraded for the grills to keep the temperature down in the Kitchen.

For 2020 Grandma’s grill received another upgrade with new grills and repaint on the interior with some other upgrades