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news paper ata 058news paper ata 062news paper ata 062Fred at work on the catipillar,  Removeing the magneto for repair planning to start it this summer It’s being in storage for a long time.

cat and brocken door 011

news paper ata 058The catipillar in the top picture , We replaced the clutch in it last winter, Had it running at the fair when  one of the valve’s came apart .  We removed the head for repair We have the valves now We are in the process of rebuilding the head.

 news paper ata 062




Rail trains have a rich history going back over 100 years (1897). Trains were used to transport people, lumber, livestock and dairy products throughout the Fraser Valley and to markets across North America.

Trains shuttled passengers back and forth across the valley for 40 years. In the late 1940’s automobiles, buses and the improvement of roads saw the end of an era for shuttling passengers and a new era for handling freight. Freight service was dieselized during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and the last electric freight switching ended in October 1970. Since 1950 the line has been a short-line freight railway playing a prominent role in the industrialization of Vancouver’s lower mainland and the Fraser Valley.

The ATA is working to on a model train display (in the newly renovated Barber Shop) that will give our visitors a view of  how trains were used in the Fraser Valley.

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