A short history of theheader

The Association began in the garage of Gordon Posein in the fall of 1982 not long after a rather successful mini Threshing Bee was held in the Greendale area. These founding members knew that there was a parcel of land available at the corner of Lickman Road and the Freeway. This land was to be given to the District of Chilliwack to be used for an Agricultural/Recreational Community project and consisted of a 92 acre Heritage farm site formerly owned by the Street family.

With great enthusiasm, the founding members made a proposal to the District for the land and went about preparing paper work to formally name and register the new club. In late January 1983, the Atchelitz Threshermen’s Association became a duly registered association society in B.C. and soon after was granted approximately 12 acres to set-up a working farm museum.

Since 1983, A.T.A. has grown, adding more acreage and building storage buildings and display buildings. The collection of antique farm machinery, logging and mining equipment and related items grew. Membership has grown as well, from the thirty or so who started the club to an annual membership of about 80.  A.T.A. has hosted many events, and the annual Threshing Bee has been well attended by the community and visitors alike.

In 2000, A.T.A. learned that they would have a new neighbour, the Chilliwack Fair Grounds (Heritage Park). This also meant the A.T.A. would have a smaller parcel of land for its operation.  The Threshing Bee in 2001 was the first test of whether we could carry on in the newly configured space. It was a success and with the help of our members and support from the community we were able to adapt to our new space and continue developing.

In 2005 A.T.A. entered a new stage in its development with an agreement with the Chilliwack Exhibition Board to stage our annual Threshing Bee in conjunction with the annual Chilliwack Fair. This turned out better than expected and with an enlarged crowd of spectators we were able to showcase our establishment to over 40,000 spectators.  In the last few years the A.T.A. has made many upgrades to the site, with the goal of increasing public participation in our Association and its activities.